Below are only some of the customers who have recently purchased from us. We would like to Thank ALL of our customers that we have served over the past 30 Years as well as those who we will serve in the years to come!

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Name Date Sold Model Year Make Model Click Image to Enlarge
Alex and Heather from Charlotte! 7/31/2012 2012 Grady-White Freedom 192 Alex tells me that his family has enjoyed the summer with their New 182 Freedom Grady-White!
Charles and Valierie from Shelburne! 7/31/2012 2012 Crownline 215 SS New boater, Charles tell us that his family has spent many hours exploring the lake in their Crownline 215SS Bow-Rider! Have fun and enjoy! Thank you!
Kathy & Richard from Georgia! 7/31/2012 2012 G3 Boats LV 228 C Kathy and Richard have thoroughly enjoyed there New G3 SunCatcher 228C all summer! Thank you and keep having fun!
Roger from New Haven 7/5/2012 2012 G3 Boats LX3 25 C Roger and his is buddy with his New Performance 325DLX Pontoon. Roger called us on his Maiden Cruise (with 13 people on board) and was with screaming with joy as he was doing over 35MPH! Easy Roger... Have Fun!
Daniel From Newport 7/1/2012 2012 Bayliner 192 Discovery Dan is a busy carpenter who now tells me he works and plays MORE! Enjoy your New 192 Cuddy Cabin! Thank you!
Giovanna and Dan from Williston! 7/1/2012 2012 Chris-Craft Launch 22 New Boaters... Giovanna and Dan have used their New Chris-Craft 22 Launch all summer long! Every time I swing by their lake house the hoist is empty and they are boating! Giovanna has become novice at operating the boat! Good job and Thank you!
John and Karol from Williston! 7/1/2012 2012 Bayliner 185 BR John and Karol have spent MANY hours on their New 185BR-SE Bayliner! We are wondering if John has learned to Wake-Board yet? Have Fun and Thank you!
H,  Dan From Burlington! 6/1/2012 2012 G3 Boats LX 22 DLX Dan and his family cruised the lake all summer long in their New 322DLX SunCatcher!
Doug and Anita from Morisville! 4/1/2012 2011 G3 Boats LV 208 FC Doug reports that the fish he now catches are Bigger Than Ever! We believe him...REALLY! Congrats's!
Justin from Colchester! 7/1/2011 2011 Bayliner 215 BR Justin has spent some SERIOUS time on his 215BR Flight Series Bayliner! Very impressive in the water! Enjoy and Thank you!
Randy From Burlington. 7/1/2011 2012 Grady-White Freedom 192 Randy's New 192Freedom Grady-White! Randy holds the record for LAST BOAT IN for the winter! Enjoy and Thank you